FRP GRP water tank

FRP GRP Water Tank

FRP panel is the abbreviation of fiberglass reinforcement plastics which mainly used in residential and commercial marketing.It can be used to load drinking water and domestic water based on different accessories stainless steel materials or hot dip galvanized materials.

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Stainless steel water tank consists of panels which are welded together and mainly used in hospital,drinking water projects.It has the advantage of light weight,easy installation and anti-bacteria functions.

Stainless steel water tank
Hot dip galvanized water tank

Hot Dip Galvanized Water Tank

Hot dip galvanized steel water tank have developed one new type of panel 1220*1220mm,which mainly exported to Africa and won a lot of fame in local market.Cost effective and strong structure and anti-distortion are advantages which can be used under ground or elevated tower.

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