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  • CAD drawings supplied for every water tank project.

  • Manufactured products tested and inspected a minimum of 3 times.

  • Different packing options to ensure safe,effective delivery.

  • Free installation video or we can offer a skilled professional on-site installation team.

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Here are some important quick tips below. Did not find the answer for your question, drop a email to and our dedicated staff will response within 24 hours.

1. You could kindly tell us if the water tank is used for drinking water storing or not,we could recommend suitable water tank to you.

2. GRP water tank and Stainless Steel water tank are most used for drinking water storing.

1. We need to know what capacity of water tank first and then our engineer will design the most cost-effective few sizes for your reference.

2. You could kindly match one of them according to your on-site space.

1. We should first know which standard flanges you use,because we have to make sure that all flanges match your pipes connections.The most commonly used flanges standards are British Standard and America Standard.

2. Generally water tank should be equipped with four flanges such as inlet,outlet,overflow and drainage flanges.If you need more or extra types of flanges,please kindly tell us in advance.

As over 20 years of water tank manufacturer,we have raised a lot of packing experience.So far,all panels are packed in iron frame which better protect GRP water tank panel corner and flange bar damage because of sea waves and inappropriate loading and unloading.

Our engineers will provide exact CAD drawings to you to confirm all details in case of any missing.

1. For each our project,we provide free installation video or on-site installation instruction if necessary.

2. We have skilled and professional installation team which supports abroad installation service.

1. Potable Water Storage Tanks

2. Agricultural Irrigation Tanks

3. Septic Tanks and Sewage Tanks

4. Distillation and Process Tanks

5. Fire Reserve Storage Tanks,Swimming Pool Balance Tanks

6. Hot Water Storage Tanks and Chemical Substance Storage Tanks

7. Rain Water Harvesting Tanks,Well Water Tanks,Sea Water Tanks

8. Reverse-Osmosis Water Tanks(water with high or low conductivity)

9. Industrial Process Tanks,Chiller Water Tanks,Cooling Tower Water Tanks

1. Customer just needs to prepare Concrete base and remaining fittings and panels and U-Channel base are all provided by us.

2. Fittings including:plate tiepiece,water level indicator,support,inside ladder,outside ladder and outlet,inlet,drain,and overflow flanges,bolt and nuts,rubber strip,silicon etc.

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