Installation Video for Your Works Easy and Fast

We make various videos for customers’ better understanding, which covers GRP modular water tank,steel pressure sectional water tank(Including stainless steel bolt-connection water tank, HDG(hot dip galvanized)water tank, stainless steel welding water tank and corrugated steel water tank etc.
Each video focuses on important points including where easy to make mistakes and tell how to install water storage tanks easily and precisely. More videos are on the way for better customer service.

GRP Water Storage Tank Installation Video

Stainless Steel Water Tank Installation Video

HDG Water Tank Installation Video

(Hot dip galvanized)

Corrugated Steel Water Tank Installation Video

(Zincalume and Galvanized)

GRP Water Tank Partition Installation

(For 3m height or above)

Partition Installation For Steel  Water Tank

(Workable for GRP 2m height or below)


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